Sean Scales has released a new single entitled "All my praise" featuring Lowell Pye Available Now!


  • Congratulations Sean Scales for be nominated for "The Gospel of Rhythm" Awards

  • The song entitled "Speechless" written by Sean Scales, sung by Monica Lisa Stevenson peaked on the billboards and #36

*The song "Sweet I know" (BMI) written and produced by Sean Scales, sang by LaMarr Scales,  has been picked up by 12 national syndicated radio stations and counting! 


*The song "We Need You" (BMI) written and produced by Sean Scales, has been accepted by artist, Lowell Pye.


*The song "Speechless" (BMI) written & produced by Sean Scales has been accepted for the new upcoming album by Monica Lisa Stevenson; featuring renowned guitarist, Isaiah Sharkey! Check out a snippet at:


  • Sean Scales currently producing the next project for gospel legend, Dottie Peoples.


Congratulations Sean! Keep up the good work.